“Love this book of encouragement for children. Every child needs to hear how special they are in their own way and how important it is to know their treasure in being themself! This book supports just that kind of thinking!”

“Love this children's book! The illustrations are beautiful and the story is inspiring. Really great message and a good way to introduce children into the world of music. I also bought one for my mother who is a reading tutor for children with dyslexia. She said that the writing is a perfect challenge for her students.”

“This is such a cute story! It's creatively simplistic, sweet and sends such an impactful message to growing little ones. I had to order for a few new parent friends after reading. Highly recommended for story time everywhere!”

-Jayne Miller, Lebanon, PA

-Genevieve LaPlace, Washington, DC

-Courtney Valderrama, Chicago, IL

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Natalie Note's background of musical bars, notes, and butterflies.

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