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- Carly Chrite, Author -

Carly (Griffith) Chrite was born in Reading, Pennsylvania into a loving family who had been anxiously awaiting her arrival. Her younger years were spent living in central Pennsylvania where she developed a love for music, basketball and spending summer days outside playing with her neighborhood friends...scurrying in before the streetlights came on.


When in 4th grade, Carly wrote and illustrated Natalie Note winning the Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest at The Lebanon Community Library, where the original is still held today. It wasn’t until she was expecting her own bundle of joy that she was inspired to bring Natalie Note back to life and publish her 1999 winning entry.  


In addition to writing Natalie Note, Carly is a flight attendant for a major airline and resides in Texas with her husband and two sons. She enjoys traveling, cooking, devoting time to her family and friends, and still spending those summer days outdoors. And yes...thinking and working on Natalie Note's next exciting adventure!  

-Arthur Lin, Illustrator -

Arthur Lin is an artist based in San Francisco, and was always fascinated with the charm and quirkiness of children’s books and Sunday comics. The careful blend of story telling, humor, and heart always drove his imagination to new heights. His mother was a violin teacher and he has always remembered the importance of playing the right notes!

- Christian Smith, Artist -

Christian Smith is a Tampa based visual artist. Growing up, he always had a passion for art and creating new ways of how he saw the universe. Shapes and colors became another way of expressing the songs of life. Christian aspires to leave behind a visual discography of colorful new worlds for future generations to explore. 

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